Old Dogs – Sully

Sully is a 16 year old farm dog who spends most of his time down by the Intervale farm in Winooski.

Sully, a 16 year-old farm dog

Old Dogs – Max

Max is a exuberant 12 year old yellow/golden lab mix. Despite his age, he still acts and feels very much like a puppy. In his youth, he used to wag his tail so hard that he ended up breaking it on multiple occasions. Finally the vet determined that he would be better off without his tail, but you would be amazed how fervently he can wag that little stump!


Portrait of an old dog by Vermont photographer Judd Lamphere

Old Dogs – Oliver

Oliver is a 5 year-old Mastiff/Great Dane mix. 5 might not sound very old to you, but for a dog his size it is. Large dogs like this usually only live to be about 8. Fun fact: we, literally, had to mop the studio floor after this guys visit. The slobbering was unbelievable!


A portrait of Oliver, a 5 year-old Mastiff/Great Dane mix

Oliver, a 5 year-old Mastiff/Great Dane mix

Published – 7Days

7Days has just printed a very nice article about my Old Dog series, helping spread the word about the project and getting me closer to my book goal. Special thanks to Robin Parker for not only for authoring the article, but for partaking in the project with her dog Oly. You can check out the article online at 7Days here.

Old Dogs – Cokie

Cokie is a 11 year old Shepard, the runt of the litter. The first thing she did when she came into the studio was to immediately curl up on the comfiest dog bed and wait until she was needed.

A portrait of Cokie, a 16 year-old shepard

Cokie, a 11 year-old shepard.